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Which PPG Paint Covers The Best?

UltraLast retails for about $75.00 per gallon Wallhide retails for about $35.00 Manor Hall retails for about $40.00 Speedhide retails for about $33.00 Advantage retails for about $50.00 Paint Coverage Matters Interior Painting Contractors Understand -Time Is Money Whether you are a DIYer or a painting contractor, choosing a paint that reduces the number of […]

Ben Moore Command: A Pro’s Review

It’s important to ask the question:  What is the purpose of Ben Moore Command. Paint manufacturers do not create new lines of paint for the sake of seeing what label strikes the fancy of their painting contractors.   Every brand of paint made is for a purpose. It can be strange stuff too. For example, Sherwin […]

Finding The Best Franchise To Own

If you are looking for the best franchise to own, we need to start by asking you a few questions.  It’s more than who has the most affordable franchise when considering owning a franchise.  What Will Your Role Be? First, what is your ultimate goal in owning a franchise?  Are you looking to quit your […]

Regal and Ben Semi-gloss: A Pros Review

          Evaluating Benjamin Moore  Regal Select and Ben Semi-gloss You are at your favorite Ben Moore paint store starring at Regal Select and Ben Semi-gloss and wondering what the difference is besides the cost.   Do you need a top of the line or will mid-level paintwork just the same.  And when […]

A Pros Review of C2 Cabinet & Trim Paint

Before you spend $80.00 on a gallon on C2 Cabinet & Trim paint, shouldn’t you know if it is worth it?    I’ve used this paint for years, and now it is time to really test it and see how it compares to other premium cabinet paints. Who Is Giving This Review? Hi, my name […]