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Are You Looking For A Local Professional To Assist You With Minor Electrical Installations And Repairs?

From time to time, many of you may need to perform small electrical services, such as a ceiling fan, light switch, or fixture installations. These basic services do not require a master electrician and the cost associated with one.  Fortunately, our skilled and trained technicians can easily and safely make these electrical changes without shocking your budget.



Electrical Services And Installation In Maryland & Beyond

The team at Klappenberger & Son is extensively trained to handle any small electrical project safely and effectively to ensure lasting dependability and functionality. When you need reliable, knowledgeable and friendly local technicians to help with your home improvement tasks, trust us to perform a variety of electrical services, including:

Attic fans blow hot air from your attic and replace it with cooler outdoor air to lower attic temperatures. With us as your trusted and handy attic fan installer, you can ensure your fan is installed correctly, safely and strictly adhering to local codes.

Dimmers, Timers and Motion Detectors

Are you looking for more pleasant and convenient lighting solutions, like dimmers or timers, throughout your home? Many of these lighting installations can be complex and complicated, so to update your home’s lighting easily and quickly, trust the experts at Klappenberger & Son.

Light Switch Installation

It is funny how something as simple as a light switch can go out of style.  If you have a modern home, you need modern switches.  Here are 2021 latest and greatest

Ceiling Fan Installation and Replacement

The electrical work associated with installing ceiling fans can be complicated and dangerous when not handled by a trained, experienced professional. Our team will take the necessary steps to ensure your fans are installed correctly and look good in your home.

Lighting Fixture Installation

Are the lighting fixtures in your home beginning to look a bit drab and dated? You can transform your home by installing new light fixtures with the help of Klappenberger & Son. We’ll visit your home and perform fast safe and effective replacements.

Light Bulb and Smoke Detector Replacement

Changing blown-out lightbulbs or smoke detectors in hard-to-reach places can be hazardous for homeowners without the tools, equipment and ability to safely perform the replacement.

Wall Switch and Socket Repair

Among electrical tasks, messing with loose wall switches and malfunctioning sockets are among the most dangerous. The professionals at Klappenberger & Son know how to approach these electrical repairs safely, giving you peace of mind.

Mancave has nice layered lighting the shows off the log cabin walls

Klappenberger & Son Is Your One-Stop Shop

We started performing basic electrical work because our customers trusted us to do things properly.  Perhaps it was also the convenience of having us already there and we could just add it to the honey-do-list.  


Our team can help you with small-scale electrical installations around your Maryland home, and we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that are dependable, affordable, and efficient. For all our customers, we offer expert advice and consultations, free estimates, workmanship warranties, and flexible scheduling options.


                        A New Outlet For Your Creativity

Okay, this title might be stretching it a bit, but don’t those almond color outlets look horrible!  Or maybe worse, they are painted over!  Regardless, replacing them with new ones or adding a GFI might just make the feng shui of your room increase your creative juices. 

Any household project that involves electricity can be challenging — and potentially dangerous. Unless you have the right experience and know what you’re doing, it’s better to call a professional to handle these jobs.


switch being wired for ceiling fan installation

Switching over:  Electrical Service Upgrades

For many homeowners, an excellent time to upgrade switches and outlets is during an interior painting project. As an experienced residential painting contractor, Klappenberger & Son can perform both jobs at once. Not having to hire a separate contractor for each task eliminates concerns such as scuffs and scrapes on the new paint job or paint dripping onto your brand-new electrical appliances.

You’ll get a professional job that won’t require expensive fixes or do-overs. You’ll also avoid the hassles that often accompany working with multiple contractors.

electrical services includes replacing an old switch
Save money when replacing old switches and outlets with new!
electrical services can include low wattage lights
Low voltage wattage has a dramatic affect.

Property Management Electrical Services

Property managers often choose us for outlet and light switch installation because it does not require a licensed electrical contractor. If you’re renovating one or more of your properties, we can take care of all the tasks.  Our one-stop-shop approach saves you time and money and everyone loves to save time and money.  We’ll have the interior of the home looking great and functioning properly, which will help you attract and retain new tenants.

So Many Ways To Brighten Up Your Days!

When you need to add more lighting, the team at Klappenberger & Son can help. Our team is highly skilled, expertly trained, and understands the safest methods for installing all types of indoor lighting systems. We’re fully equipped to handle all kinds of indoor electrical services, including:

Recessed lighting
Media room lighting
Artwork lighting
Pendant lighting
Under-cabinet lighting
Overhead lighting fixtures — chandeliers, sconces, flush-mounts, etc.
Track lighting
Picture #2

              Basic Electrical Services Including Smoke Detectors


To guarantee your battery-operated smoke detector is always functioning properly, test and replace the batteries at least twice per year.    Our team of trained professionals can assist you with replacing and testing machines, as well as installing hardwired smoke alarm systems. These systems offer a superior level of safety for anyone living or located in your home or building. They work by detecting smoke or fire in one area and then setting off the entire system of connected alarms throughout your house.

With very few exceptions, nothing is more important to the safety of your home than proper carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.  Here is a list of current laws in your state. 

Customer Reviews For Our Handyman Electrical Services

Want to know what it’s like to work with us on your professional handyman project? Just ask our happy clients!
Cecelia Bravo
Cecelia Bravo
Google Reviewer
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These guys were great. Firstly, they responded quickly and were able to give me an estimate and appointment with just a few photos from my phone about our problem. In addition to my husband's honey-do-list, they replaced a ceiling fan with a light that I'd purchased and updated a number of wall switches and an outlet. I would definitely call on them again.
Jennifer F.
Jennifer F.
Home Advisor Reviewer
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Excellent work and very professional. Started work on time and when job was complete the handymen cleaned up material from site. Will definitely use them on other projects.

Why Choose Klappenberger & Son For Your Electrical Services?

With the electrical services provided by the experts at Klappenberger & Son, you can have new electrical appliances and a beautiful newly painted room without scuffs on the paint or paint on your new lights or fans. This will improve the entire aesthetic of your home. 

Klappenberger & Son is a licensed contractor but does not have a full-scale electrical license, so we are limited in the scope of electrical services we can perform. We provide this service as a convenience for you and your building’s final appearance.

The Process

Our 30 plus years of best practices ensure both consistency and quality. Also, our training program gets everyone singing out of the same hymn book.


We Itemize, so you can pick and choose what you would like us to do.

Our Team

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