Fine Paints Of Europe Eco Brilliant Paint:  The Best Gloss Paint Period

Fine Paints of Europe Eco Gloss should be your first choice when you are willing to pay for premium high gloss paint.  

Fine Paints Of Europe Image

 Eco Brilliant steals the show and pinches your wallet.  At $60.00 a liter,  you might look for it to jump out of the can and onto the wall! 

Is Eco Brilliant worth it?

What the difference from other high gloss paints?  

First, let’s discuss the pigments.   US companies grind their pigments for hours.  Fine Paints Of Europe grind their pigments for ten days.  Finely ground pigments spread easier and cover better.

Excuse the analogy, but Fine Paints of Europe compares to US paint like spreading warm butter versus cold butter over white bread.  

Secondly, Fine Paints of Europe does not sell paint.  They sell paint systems.  By paint systems, they mean their paints should not go directly over other paints without using their primers first.  

 Eco paints should not go over Shellac, Kilz, Bin

In addition to the primers, they also advise creating a wet floor or a kiddie pool in the room.  Yes, a kiddie pool in the room for a couple of days!   Wet surfaces on the floor or pool attract dust and pull it away from the wet paint.   

How is the workability?

Yes,  it glides on with ease.   Also, if primed with FPE primers, the workability is even better, putting it in a class by itself.

If I can spread paint over 30″ with one dip of a brush, then I consider it to have excellent workability. I could brush Eco Brilliant 72″  with one dip in the paint can.  

I also consider the working time of the paint.  Meaning, how long can I go back and touch-up the paint before it starts to “set-up.”  With Fine Paints of Europe Eco, I had 1:45 seconds.  I consider anything over a 1:00 to be excellent.  

Washability and durability of Fine Paints of Europe Eco

After Eco Brilliant cured for two weeks,  the following products had 36 hours to dry before being cleaned.

  1. Catsup
  2. Mustard
  3. Pencil
  4. Crayon
  5. Coffee
  6. Red wine

I cleaned the Eco Brilliant with a microfiber cloth using:

  1. Krud Kutter
  2. Bleach and water
  3. Simple Green
  4. Spray NineWIs

All of the stains came off with little effort. 

Coverage of Eco Brilliant!

Fine Paints Of Europe is a different paint.  The paint is thinner than most US paints.  If you have tried Ben Moore Advance, it is almost the exact opposite.  Ben Moore goes on thick and covers well.  Eco Brilliant goes on thin and covers well.   

Keep in mind; coverage will always be better if you use FPE “high build- high tooth” primers.

  I always found 2 top coats of Eco Brilliant gave 100% coverage after applying their primer. 


Gloss paints highlight imperfection.  Hence it is best to only use on smooth surfaces unless highlighting defects is not an issue.  


showing how Fine Paints of Europe Eco Brilliant self-levels

Eco Brilliant after two coats on a smooth surface

Therefore, it is desirable to have the paint self-level as much as possible.  There is not a water-based product that self-levels better.  Eco Brilliant self-levels slightly better than Ben Moore Advance Gloss.  However, it is slightly better than  PPG UltraLast Semi-Gloss and  C2 Cabinet Grade Paint

Comparing Fine Paints of Europe with other premium paints 

The difference may be hard to see in these photos.  However, to the naked eye, there is a subtle difference.  

Self-Priming of Fine Paints of Europe Eco

Eco Brilliant is not a self-priming paint. 

Fine Paints of Europe primer for Eco Brilliant

Many times I have applied  Eco Gloss on previously painted surfaces without priming.  With few exceptions, there were no problems.  However, the experts at Fine Paints Of Europe advise to always prime and sand with 220 or 320 grit sandpaper.  I certainly recommend priming with FPE to avoid any problems. 



          Overall Value of Fine Paints Of Europe Eco Brilliant paint

Eco Brilliant is a hybrid paint. 

    This is how Fine Paints Of Europe define Eco Brilliant

Eco Brilliant is a low VOC, acrylic-based urethane-alkyd emulsion. It combines the advantages of both today’s acrylic technology and traditional oil formulations.  It is available in both gloss or Satin finishes.   There is no difference in durability..

If cost is not an issue I don’t see any reason not to choose this paint it scores across the board are all excellent.  The only downside is the priming.  It is a best practice to prime first to avoid any possible adhesion issues.  

Fine Paints of Europe Eco Brilliant Score

Coverage 10 out of 10

Workability 10 out of 10

Washability 10 out of 10

Durability-10 out of 10

Self-Leveling 10 out of 10

Self-Priming 8 out of 10


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