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Pittsburgh Manor Hall Semi-gloss

Manor Hall Paint Can

My opinion of PPG Manor Semi-gloss comes from my 30 years as a painting contractor and comparing it side by side with its most popular competitors (Regal Select and Duration).

Manor Hall retails for $55.00, which is the least expensive of the three.   It has been Pittsburgh premium semi-gloss until 2020 when PPG released UltaLast.

I have personally used Manor Hall for at least 20 years but have never taken the time to compare it to other paints such as $70.00 Regal Select and $70.00 Duration.

Important:  The Manor Hall sold at Home Depot is NOT the same paint that I am reviewing.  Home Depot has a lesser grade of paint, and it sells for $35.00.

This Pittsburgh Manor Semi-gloss  I am reviewing is the original formula and can be purchased at independent PPG stores across America.

Facts in Brief: 

  • Low VOC paint
  • It comes in five sheens:  Flat, Matte, Eggshell Satin, and Semi-gloss.
  • It tints to any color
  • Water clean-up
  • Dries quickly
  • Can be recoated in 4 hours.


My Opinion of Manor Semi-gloss…..Coverage

Manor Hall covers most color changes in two coats.  Normally I give a perfect score of a 10.

I covered straight white over yellow in two coats, and a taupe color over an off-white in two coats.

It wasn’t until I tried to apply straight white over the dark blue below that I ran into problems.

Manor Hall Semi-gloss struggles to cover this dark blue with white semi-gloss after 3 coats.

This coverage would be disappointing for a $ 30.00-gallon paint.

For that reason, I think the overall coverage is average at best.

My opinion of PPG Manor Semi-gloss Coverage is a grade of 7 out 0f 10



In my opinion, the Pittsburgh Manor Hall Semi-gloss workability was good, not great.

I was able to get 32-38″ of linear coverage from on dip of the brush.  Also, the second coat glides on equally as easy as the first.

The opinion of PPG Manor Semi-gloss Workability Grade 8 out of 10

  • Regal Select 9 out of 10
  • Duration 10



The Manor Hall Semi-gloss Semi-gloss did not touch-up very well. If you look at the white part of the door, notice how the second half looks shinier. That is where the third coat was applied.

Manor Hall semi-gloss Poor touch-up


Touch-Up Grade 7 out of 10

Is Manor Hall Semi-gloss Washable and Durable?


I applied the following products and allowed them to dry for 24 hours

  • Catsup
  • Mustard
  • Red Wine
  • Coffee
  • Pencil
  • Crayon

The Manor Hall semi-gloss was durable and could handle the cleaners for several minutes and the paint did not soften.  However, the mustard and crayon stain still remained ever so slightly.

Pittsburgh Manor Hall Semi-gloss does not clean as well as the Manor Hall Eggshell or Flat paint.  This is astonishing.  I wouldn’t even think this is possible.   One positive note is no paint peeled from cleaning.  This was not the case with Ben Moore Regal Select Semi-gloss.  Duration Satin Finish had the best washability of the three.

In my opinion, the Manor Hall Semi-gloss receives a 7 out of 10 for washability.

  • Regal Select Semi-gloss 7
  • Duration Satin 10 

PPG Manor Hall 10 out of 10 for durability

  • Regal Select Semi-gloss 9
  • Duration Satin 10 


My observation of PPG Manor Semi-gloss is that it does not have good self-leveling capabilities.  Better choices would be BreakThrough or Ultralast. 

PPG does not self level well compared to C2


C2 Cabinet Grade Paint


  • Regal Select Semi-gloss 8
  • Duration Satin 7
  • C2 Satin Finish 10 


PPG Manor Hall Eggshell Can

 PPG Manor Hall Self-Leveling Grade: 7 out of 10

PPG Manor Hall 

Value and Final Thoughts of Manor Hall Semi-gloss

For a retail price of $55.00, this paint fails to be a good value.  There isn’t anything this paint does that a mid-grade paint such as SW SuperPaint couldn’t handle.


When is Manor Hall your best semi-gloss choice? 

  • never

When is Manor Hall Semi-gloss an acceptable choice?

  • Interior painting of trim.

When is Manor Hall Semi-gloss a poor choice

  • When painting white over a dark color
  • Cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • when a smooth finish is important



Overall Value 6 out of 10

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